Design Processes

CWE-Design provides design and manufacturing services to machinery, automotive, and various industrial sectors. In addition to 3D modeling, CWE-Design can also provide part analysis services. CWE-Design can become an inevitable need for essential reasons, such as standardizing product quality and increasing production capacity. With its engineers with industry experience, CWE-Design determines the various needs of its customers, realizes its designs, verifies its designs with computer-aided simulations, carries out its production in the desired quality standards, performs the measurement operations, and delivers it to you safely. After product installation, it meets all your technical support needs related to the product.

CWE-Design helps leverage existing product design capabilities and reduce product development time with our proven expertise in engineering consulting and providing mechanical CAD design services to manufacturing companies. From CAD conversion, 2D CAD drawing, reverse engineering, and design optimization, we offer critical mechanical design and consulting support services for industrial equipment, tools, and machinery for industry-specific applications.

CWE-Design specializes in creating custom machines, machine elements, and special apparatus tailored to your unique requirements. Our comprehensive Machine Design Services encompass various aspects, including giving the machines a modern and aesthetically pleasing external appearance. We excel in devising efficient mechanical assembly designs that offer manufacturers time and cost advantages. Our expertise ensures seamless operation, eliminating issues such as collision, friction, and non-contact problems between mechanical components. We continuously update our designs to align with the latest technological advancements while adapting them to fit existing products. Additionally, we meticulously produce technical drawings that adhere to the highest standards. Our designs comply with both TSE and patent requirements. Moreover, we facilitate a smooth transition by converting all your existing drawings and projects into the computer environment. Through detailed pictures and numbering, we provide a clear assembly order for the machines. Furthermore, disassembled picture support illustrates where and in what order machine parts should be installed. For comprehensive user guidance, we prepare user manuals and installation (assembly) guides. To showcase our creations effectively, we offer high-quality machine renderings suitable for use in catalogs and other promotional materials.

The rapid development of technology and the competition it creates are increasing the importance of measurement and keeping measured values under control and management in the industry day by day. CWE-Design offers measurement, control, and instrumentation services for process improvement and development. CWE-Design has been designing, developing, and delivering the market-leading and most trusted arm technologies for these processes for over 10 years. It is recognized as the world's most innovative portable 3D measurement solution in terms of factory metrology.


2D drawing tools provide great advantages by eliminating the complexity of scaling and placement, and potential errors in the scale of the drawing.


Drafts and designs created with 3D CAD tools give clarity to design goals, both in terms of size and aesthetics. They also help to communicate ideas more effectively. +90 5522286768